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Bouldering Safety Course

Price: £19
Duration: 30 Minutes (stay and climb as long as you want afterwards)

If you’re new to climbing or looking to get started, you’ve come to the right place! Unlock the basics of climbing safety and movement with our 30-minute Bouldering Safety Course. Designed for both new climbers and parents accompanying children, to ensure you’re safe, confident, and ready to climb.

What’s Included

  • Inclusive shoe hire
  • One-month loyalty card for free shoe hire
  • A complimentary climb after four visits within a month

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Beginners: Grasp the fundamentals of safety and basic movement techniques.
  • Parents: If you’re not a climber but wish to accompany your child, this course is mandatory for understanding indoor bouldering safety protocols.

Course Content

Safety Protocols:

  • Proper falling techniques
  • Climbing area navigation and awareness

Climbing Basics:

  • Effective hand and foot placements
  • Importance of body positioning

After the Course

Once the 30-minute course is complete, you’re welcome to stay and boulder for as long as you like.

What are you waiting for? Book your Bouldering Safety Course and start climbing today!

Your Next Move (Part 1, 2 and 3)

Price: £20 per session

Duration: 90 Minutes

Wondering what to do next after your Bouldering Safety Course?

If you’ve been bouldering a few times already, you’re probably keen to learn more. You’ve realised there’s a bit more to this than just pulling with your arms, and also, how do some climbers make it look so easy!

We’ve split the course into three weekly sessions, and if you’re fairly new to climbing we recommend you start with session 1, as each builds on the previous one.

1: Move like a Climber

The clue is in the name; we’ll cover body movements and techniques like rock-overs, flagging and twisting, which will give you a solid base to further hone your skills on.

2: Climb with Confidence

Believe it or not, learning how to use your feet correctly and trusting them to “stick” can really boost your confidence. This session will cover footwork and few other tips to help you.

3: Think like a Climber

How to read routes/boulder problems so you have an idea how you will climb them before you even leave the ground. Visualising which of the techniques you’ve learnt in the previous sessions are best applied to various situations. We’ll also cover structuring your climbing sessions.

Private Session

Price: £40 for 1 £60 for 2 £80 for 3 or £100 for 4 people
Duration: 60 Minutes (stay and climb as long as you want afterwards)

Would you like a private session with one of our instructors?

You can book it just for yourself, with a friend, or a small group of 4. We will tailor the hour long session to meet your needs: from 1-1 coaching to improve upon your technique, or a fun session with friends or family, you decide.