Popular FAQs regarding bouldering here at Wimbledon.

What is bouldering?2023-05-24T18:22:06+01:00

Bouldering in essence is the simplest and purest form of climbing. Just you, your climbing shoes and some chalk (oh, and some comfortable clothes/gym kit!). No need for a harness or rope!

Not only is it a great way to get fit and tone up, it also increases flexibility and mindfulness, a bit like yoga, challenges your problem-solving kills and has the added bonus of being a very sociable sport.

Thankfully you’re never that far from the ground (well, up to 4.5m) which is covered with thick foam matting*. Without the harness and rope it also means it’s a much cheaper way to start climbing.

*the matting does not eliminate the risk of injury.


Is it safe?2023-08-09T09:28:04+01:00

Yes, and no! Although you are climbing not too far off the ground and there is foam matting below you, an awkward or unexpected fall from any height may result in injury.

If you haven’t climbed or bouldered before, we insist you complete our Bouldering Safety Course with us, so we can point out the risks and how to use the centre safely.

Can I just turn up for a go?2023-08-09T10:21:44+01:00

If you’ve climbed or bouldered before, absolutely.

You will need to fill out a registration form HERE and confirm you are an experienced climber when you first visit.

If on the other hand you don’t have sufficient climbing experience, then we need to get you booked onto a safety course. At quiet times this may be possible straight away, but we can’t guarantee that, so it’s best to book in advance.


Can I bring children?2024-04-29T08:11:31+01:00

Yes you can. Head over to our KIDS page for further details on fun sessions and after school clubs. Booking in advance is essential.



Parents with climbing experience:

If you are an experienced climber you can supervise up to 2 children.

There is no kids’ area, and the climbs are set for adults. This means they would still be suitable for teenagers. And we all know there are some 10 year olds that climb pretty hard, so let’s not put a minimum age limit! But, if you intend to bring younger children, we suggest you visit first without the kids and assess the suitability of our walls for them yourself.

Parents without climbing experience:

You will need to attend a Bouldering Safety course first, so you are aware of the dangers of bouldering and the safety rules of the centre. Then the above will apply to you.


Close parental guidance is required at all times.

How much is it?2023-05-24T18:23:37+01:00

Head to our prices page HERE

Where are you?2024-04-29T07:41:27+01:00

Up on the first floor of the Wimbledon Quarter, Queen’s Road, Wimbledon. More details HERE.

Do you have showers?2024-04-29T07:45:46+01:00

Yes. Well, there is one in the women’s, the men’s will be completed soon.

What hours are you open?2024-04-29T07:47:01+01:00

Weekdays 6:30am – 10pm

Weekends 9am – 7pm

Do you have a gym area?2024-04-29T07:50:59+01:00

We have a small warm up/stretching area next to the Kilter Board. More equipment coming soon.

Do you have a circuit board?2023-05-25T11:15:27+01:00

Not a circuit board as such. We have a Moon Board and Kilter Board. Both are set at 40°.

Download their respective apps from your usual app store.

Do you have lockers?2023-05-25T09:14:16+01:00

Yes we do.

Do you have any refreshments?2023-05-25T09:14:07+01:00

We have a small café serving amazing locally roasted coffees, along with locally sourced cakes and light snack. Cold drinks too, and a water fountain (coming soon).

Do you have anywhere I can “work from home”?2023-05-25T09:13:56+01:00

We do. A long bar (not a bar bar, no cocktails here, yet!) with plugs and phone chargers, where you can drink coffee and watch climbers, or just people watch over the shopping centre. There’s even a built-in chess board!

Do you do kids’ birthday parties?2023-05-25T09:22:43+01:00

No, sorry.

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