Kids Climbing

Indoor bouldering offers an engaging and holistic activity that contributes significantly to the overall development of children and young people. Beyond the obvious physical gains—like improved strength, flexibility, and coordination—bouldering also sharpens mental faculties by enhancing problem-solving skills, focus, and spatial awareness. The activity encourages a growth mindset, instilling confidence and resilience as children work through challenges and celebrate their achievements.

Moreover, the social environment of a climbing gym fosters teamwork, communication, and friendships, making it not just a physical exercise but also a mental and social enrichment opportunity. All these elements combine to make bouldering an excellent option for well-rounded youth development.

We have two types of sessions for kids and young people. Fun Sessions are one off sessions to give you a taste of bouldering. And Bouldering Club, a structured national development programme (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme or NICAS), weekly sessions in six week blocks to coincide with term time.

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