at The Boardroom

Find the strengths and weaknesses in your climbing with a Lattice Board Assessment.

Freddie, our highly trained Lattice accredited coach will take you through a rigorous series of tests designed to measure various aspects of your climbing performance. By comparing your results to the thousands of other people that have been tested we can then work out where you can focus your training for maximum gains.

The assessment covers
• Finger strength
• Aerobic and anaerobic capacity
• Aerobic power
• Movement economy
• Pacing
• Functional movement

Freddie will provide you with some informal feedback on the day of the assessment followed by a comprehensive written report discussing the results of your assessment and what they mean for your climbing.

The assessment itself typically takes around 1 ½ hours. Our Lattice Board is suitable for climbers operating at about F7b+ – 8c+ or V6 – V12

If you would like to read more about Lattice Training more information is available on their website

Price: £100.

To book an assessment please contact: