Indoor climbing is a form of rock climbing carried out indoors on artificial structures which attempt to mimic the experience of climbing outside. Originally used by climbers as a way to train for climbing during the wet winter months, indoor climbing has now become a sport in its own right with many new climbers using it as a sociable and enjoyable alternative to working out in the gym!
Before you start climbing there are a few very important skills which you need to learn correctly to keep you safe; how to put a harness on, how to tie the rope to your harness and how to belay correctly (control the rope safely for the person you’re climbing with). The best way to learn all this is to book yourself onto our “Intro to Climbing” course and let one of our qualified and knowledgeable climbing instructors teach you all the skills necessary to climb safely inside. All equipment hire is included and we’ll even give you help with your climbing technique.


If you’re an experienced climber then yes. If you’re new to climbing or a non climbing parent bringing your child for the first time then you’ll need to book a course in advance. Head over to our courses page and find a course to suit you, or just give us a call and we’ll help you out.


Only if they are being supervised by yourself if you are an experienced climber or by one of our instructors. It’s just not safe to let your children play on the wall without correct supervision as climbing can be a dangerous sport. There are a few options available to you to get your kids climbing:

  1. Book them onto a taster session. This is an hour long under the supervision and guidance of one of our fantastic instructors. The taster is a great way to try the sport out and see if they enjoy it.
  2. On weekend mornings (and in the afternoons on week days during school holidays) we run Kids Clubs: “Caterpillars” for 5 – 7 yr olds and “Funky Gibbons” for ages 8 and over.
  3. If you’re sure your child will love climbing then why not enrol them onto either NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) or NIBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme). These courses run in 6 week blocks during term time and are a great way to learn climbing or bouldering. The award also counts towards GCSE and D of E!


Or take an Intro to Climbing course yourself then you’ll be able to bring the kids climbing under your own supervision whenever you like!


Yes, if you’re just going to boulder you can. Plus it’s a great way to meet other climbers which you’ll need to do if you want to climb the bigger walls where you’ll need a climbing partner to hold your rope. Just book yourself onto an Intro to Climbing or Bouldering and we’ll get you going!


Bouldering in essence is the simplest and purest form of climbing. Just you, your climbing shoes and some chalk, no harness or rope! Thankfully you’re never that far from the ground which is covered with thick foam matting. Without the harness and rope it also means it’s a much cheaper way to start climbing. We recommend booking yourself onto an “Intro to Bouldering” course which will cover all you need to know to get you bouldering safely as well as giving you some handy techniques and top tips.


The Psicobloc is just a very high boulder; 8 meters high to be precise and very steep/overhanging with extra deep matting below it to take your fall! The word Psicobloc is Spanish and its direct translation is “crazy boulder”. It’s also another name for DWS (Deep Water Soloing) which involves climbing rock faces above water, usually sea cliffs, free solo without harnesses or ropes and using the water to break your fall! We thought it was a pretty apt name for our solo wall as it is a pretty crazy boulder, and so far the only one in Europe!

No. Once you’ve paid your entry you’re welcome to stay until we close at the end of the day. The only exception to this is if you’re on a session with one our instructors; birthday parties, taster sessions and kids clubs for example where our instructors are looking after you.


Total bouldering measures over 50 meters in length and 4.5 meters high and includes 3 World Cup designs from Entre-Prises. There are 8 coloured circuits ranging from VB – V8+ The circuits change every 4 weeks and for the last two weeks of every set we have a guest comp set thrown in!
There are 30 lead lines, most have 3 routes on each. Terrain varies from slabs, vertical, 10 degree wall and a large steep roof section with grades from 3+ to 8a+
The lead and top rope walls reach a height of 11m. Although this doesn’t sound high the design of our lead wall makes the routes feel much longer.
A 30m rope will suffice.
Yes, we have a separate top rope wall up to 11m with 21 roped lines, 3 routes on each with grades ranging from 3 to 7a/7b depending on the set.
We keep the routes and blocs changing regularly. Routes on the lead/top rope walls are changed every 6-8 weeks. The bouldering every 4 weeks. We do large sections at a time in two day blocks.

Head over to our NEWS page for upcoming route setting dates.


Yes we do! Two for the time being and we change the routes on them every 4 weeks, sometimes more, to keep them fresh!

The other option for those climbing 6b and above is the Psicobloc, a great way to train for steep routes on your own!

Yes, we now have two training areas. The area in the main wall next to the psicobloc consists of 4 fingerboards, campus board, peg board, small circuit/systems board, gym rings, TRX, yoga mats and a small multi-gym unit for dips and pull ups.

We also have a separate room with a Moonboard, large circuit board and a Lattice board. The easiest grades in this room are V4/V5!

We have toilets and small changing rooms.
Showers? We sacrificed showers for more wall!

We have a chef and a kitchen producing fresh hot and cold meals; from healthy scrummy salads, wraps and sandwiches to soups, paninis and pizzas!

The menus does change often and at certain times some items may not be available.

We also have snacks, delicious home made cakes (naught but very very nice!), protein drinks and bars, cold drinks, fine coffees and a selection of teas. Soya milk is available too.

We also have a 7 day bar licence! Cheers!

All experienced/competent climbers who do not require instruction will need to complete a registration form on their first visit. This can either be done upon arrival or online beforehand by clicking below.

NB please do not register online more than two weeks ahead of your visit!



1  -8 instructor to group ratio.
We need to hold a copy of the following three on our system: A minimum of CWA, first aid certificate and a copy of your or your employers public liability insurance. Either bring them with you on your first visit or email them beforehand.
Please call/email to obtain copies of the documents you require.



…give us a call or drop us an email. Our details can be found on the “Find Us” page…

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